Manar Kurmanov

Front end Developer/Project Manager

email kurmanov.manar@gmail.com
phone +7 708 199 1418



Suleyman Demirel University B.S. in Computer Science (2009-2013)

Technologies and Programming Languages

Languages: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Javascript, PHP, XML, XSL/XSLT, Python, SASS/SCSS, Typescript

Libraries: AngularJS, ReactJs, jQuery, Lodash, Underscore, Mustache, Greensock TweenMax/TweenLite, gsap

Technologies: Ajax, JSON, MySQL, GruntJs, Yeoman, Gulp, Angular-cli, Vue-cli, Webpack

Frameworks & CMS: Angular, Vue.js, Bootstrap 3/4/5, Django, Yii, MODx CMS, Wordpress CMS, Opencart CMS, Magento

Concepts: REST architecture, SOAP, Microservices, MVC pattern, Mobile-first design, Agile/scrum


VS Code, Git, Atom, Sublime Text, Eclipse IDE, Netbeans IDE, Linux/Windows OS, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Qt SDK

Spoken Languages

Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish


Front-End Developer/Project Manager/Team Lead - STRONG

From Jan 2018

• Project Management of 2 teams 3-5 people each;
• Front-end application development, using Angular, node environment, SASS;
• Maintained component-based application design;
• Made Bootstrap full-scale customization to create Application UI Kit;
• Maintained REST API communication abiding to best practices;
• Worked closely with designers to create and modify applications by iterations and following user testing strategies to maximize conversion rates, improve lead generation and better experience;

Front-End Developer/Consultant/Front-end Architect - Akhter Studio

From Apr 2021

• Consulting CTO on front-end architecture, concepts, technologies and etc;
• Front-end application development, using React;

Front-End Developer - XIVE

Apr 2020 - Dec 2020

• Front-end application development;
• Rebranding admin and landing pages of current application.

Front-End Developer - Mashfrog

Nov 2015 - Sep 2016

Extensive collaborative work on web applications and large-scale e-commerce projects written in Magento PHP, technical interviewing for new hires.

Front-End Developer - Onsolut

Apr 2015 - Dec 2017

• Banking web applications development, using AngularJS and Angular, node environment, SASS;
• Made Bootstrap full-scale customization to create Application UI Kit;
• Worked both as front-end and back-end at some projects

Co-founder/Art director - Taptim

Nov 2014 - Dec 2015

Created a visual style guide and layout guidelines for project. Developed mobile application design, also website and backoffice design. Co-founder, consulting all design, positioning issues.

Founder - Banana-gun.com

Nov 2013 - Dec 2015

Web Design studio, based on my knowledge about web-development in Kazakhstan. My goal was to face all possible problems which each startup goes through.

Head of Production Department - ZMOT OCA Kazakhstan

Apr 2014 - Apr 2015

Started as front-end developer, becoming project manager and head of production. Reformed the waterfall of the website development, managed 3 development teams. Reconsidered company’s clients communication experience.

Front-end Developer - Lensmark

Sept 2013 - Apr 2014

One of the largest holdings in the country - Chocofamily.
• Front-end development and total rebranding of the website
• Email campaign management



language my.sky.bank

One of the Ukrainian banks went digitalization and rebranding process. Worked on front-end application for bank customers from scratch. Build based on Angular Framework, Node environment, Bootstrap full-scale customization.


language homebank.kz

Largest web and mobile banking app of Kazakhstan. Worked on new front-end application for bank customers. Build based on Angular.js, Node environment, Bootstrap full-scale customization.

Prima Edicola

language primaedicola.it

Worked on books & magazines marketplace written in Magento PHP, part of team of 3 engineers, responsible for coupons, pre-ordering system and authorization mechanisms. Goal was total rebranding and refactoring for new design using best practices.


language selfiewealth.com

Social mobile app for financial analysts and investors. Full-cycle web app prototyping and development using AngularJS, GruntJS and communication with REST server


language subaru.kz

Subaru Kazakhstan website. Worked both as front-end developer and lead of the project. Website was build on Magento CMS following best practices back then.


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